Topography-Guided LASIK Improves Night Vision

OPD_CATzNewest, most advanced Topography-guided LASIK improves night vision

The FDA recently approved a newer type of LASIK, which is based on the topography of the cornea.  This treatment is called CATz (Custom Ashperic Treatment Zone), and utilizes maps of the cornea to provide the most advanced treatment possible.  FDA studies show that this type of topography-guided LASIK treatment improves night vision for many people; in the study, no one developed night vision problems, and many people had better night vision than their best vision pre-procedure!  This is a major advance in precision and leads to real happiness and great results.

Older “custom” LASIK, based on wavefront measurements is less accurate than the newer topography guided treatment.  Only our topography guided LASIK can improve your night vision, based on FDA studies.

No matter the reason you are considering LASIK or laser vision correction, you want the most advanced and accurate treatment.  Topography-guided LASIK improves night vision due to the mapping and customization for each patient.

Getting rid of your glasses or contacts is fast and painless with topography-guided treatment.  You can rest easy that your surgeon, Dr. Tanchel, is one of the most experienced and respected refractive surgeons in the world.  She is called on to train other physicians in her techniques.

We are proud to provide this most advanced treatment for our patients at Liberty Laser Eye Center.  Give us a call to set up your complimentary consultation to learn more, or schedule your consultation online.  We hope to meet you soon, in person.

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