Wavefront Analysis


wavefront componentsWavefront Analysis is a new way to measure how the eye focuses light.  It is a major innovation that provides Dr. Tanchel with more precise, comprehensive data on the patients visual performance.  Wavefront data goes beyond Snellen acuity that is read on an eye chart, and brings vision correction technology into the 21st century.  By utilizing this data, vision can be optimized to be generally sharper, as well as clearer in dim light.

Measurements are taken with the Nidek OPD-scan and the Bausch and Lomb Zywave Aberrometer.  Multiple detailed maps are compiled which describe the optical performance of the eye.  This information is used to guide the laser treatment.  When coupled with the Z-LASIK flap, which decreases flap related wavefront aberrations, there is no more accurate treatment available.

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