Washington DC LASIK Eye Surgery Center

using the most advanced laser technology in DC, MD & VA at an affordable price.

About Liberty Laser

eye doctor Washington DCLiberty Laser Eye Center is proud to offer state-of-the-art LASIK eye surgery to Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia residents. Leading DC eye doctor Dr. Nancy Tanchel has performed more than 15,000 LASIK, All-Laser LASIK and PRK procedures, more than any other female eye doctor in the nation and her laser eye surgery center utilizes only FDA approved technology.

So come on in for a free consultation. We’ll walk you through the whole process explaining every test, machine, & procedure and make sure you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

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LASIK Procedures

laser eye surgery MarylandDC LASIK eye doctor Dr. Tanchel uses all of the data collected during your eye exam to develop a customized treatment plan for each individual patient. The ability to adjust the laser’s optical zone size and transition zone allows for a truly customized treatment and the ability to deal with any pupil size.

Our Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland LASIK eye surgery patients can breathe easy knowing that Dr. Tanchel always uses the most advanced laser technology available. There are NO Blades used, all laser procedure, no cutting and pain free.

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Can LASIK eye surgery fix my vision?

DC area LASIK specialist Nancy Tanchel, MD says YES!

Washington DC LASIK expert Nancy Tanchel MD invites you to come in for a no obligation LASIK eye surgery consultation. Our DC area LASIK practice is located in Vienna, Virginia and provides patients with a high quality, boutique LASIK experience unlike any other practice. The LASIK experience of Dr. Nancy Tanchel when it comes to laser vision correction is vast. Dr. Tanchel has been dedicated to refractive eye surgery for many years and has performed more than 15,000 LASIK, All-Laser LASIK and PRK procedures –more than any other woman in America. If LASIK is not a good option for you our vision correction practice can suggest an alternative procedure to LASIK, such as PRK, or PresbyLASIK for older patients.

If you are seeking LASIK eye surgery in Washington D.C., please feel free call us for a LASIK consultation. Located in the Tysons Corner area of Virginia, we service northern Virginia locations for Alexandria, Mclean, Vienna and Oakton. When it comes to LASIK or laser vision correction we are highly confident in our ability to help people see clearly again. After an initial screening we will perform a pre-operative evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK.

The Cost of LASIK: Washington DC LASIK Cost.

At Liberty Laser Eye we aim to make understanding LASIK pricing easy by simply including everything in one price. You may not see the cheapest LASIK price Washington DC here, but you will not be tricked by $299 LASIK at this practice.

When shopping for price, make sure you are getting the whole cost and not just a "bait and switch." Does the quoted price include everything, the exams before, the care after, all the tests, and all fees? Our prices are all inclusive, one price covers all the surgery and workup. We are not the cheapest eye doctors but rather strive to be the best. It is important to remember "you get what you pay for" so potential LASIK candidates that are "price shopping" should remember they are shopping for one of the most important things in their lives, their vision.

LASIK V. Contacts

Did you you that over time contact lenses will cost you more than LASIK eye surgery? Not only is LASIK eye surgery more affordable than a lifetime of contacts, but also safer and 'greener. Researchers report that contact lens wearers face a much greater risk of developing a serious eye infections and corneal ulcers or abrasions, than patients receiving LASIK.

* Study performed by Ophthalmology archives and WebMD in 2006

If LASIK affordability is major issue for you please contact us immediately. We offer LASIK financing options with CareCredit so that our patients can overcome LASIK price concerns and have the surgery sooner than later.