Dr. Tanchel has been traveling around the country, visiting many laser centers to teach other surgeons how to utilize the recently approved OATz and CATz treatments on the Nidek excimer laser – the most advanced laser eye surgery available today. Dr. Tanchel is one of a handful of physicians who provide this education throughout the country.

OATz stands for “optimized ashperic treatment zone”, which provides patients with the most advanced quality of vision after LASIK treatment. CATz is “customized aspheric treatment zone”; this procedure allows guidance of the laser based on the shape of the cornea, or front surface of the eye – this is the most advanced treatment available in the USA today.

Liberty Laser Eye Center is the only center in the mid-Atlantic region where this most advanced laser eye surgery procedure is available.

Call today to find out if you can benefit from these amazing procedures for visual improvement at Liberty Laser Eye Center.

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